DKEY Horizon

DKEY has come up with solutions to serve different categories of users by utilising financial products on both crypto and financial markets.

DKEY Horizon is building up a sustainable ecosystem across two verticals to serve our Earn-To-Pay mission. We aim to bridge finance to cryptoverse and build a crypto-based economic and consumption platform for everyone.

Earn-to-Pay ✅

DKEY introduces the whole new concept known as “Earn-to-Pay (E2P)” within the entire ecosystem. It simply means everyone can earn crypto and spend in fiat!

The concept of “EARN” refers to a revenue engine that provides financial services solutions to help users generate a secure source of income. Whereas “PAY” refers to leveraging payment solutions to encourage user acquisition and crypto adoption. DKEY Horizon creates and self-sustains a virtuous cycle in a way where payment channels lead users to the platform, while financial services generate revenue that can be reinvested into payment.

We offer a range of E2P services for all individual users. The “EARN” part is derived from DKEY Bank services including Wallet, Vaults, Savings and Financial Products. As for the “PAY” part, DKEY Pay and Credit Card are the main spending features.

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