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Q2 2023

DKEY Business Onboarding
  • Introduce DKEY Business to provide B2B business solutions

Q3 2023

Utility NFT and Marketplace
  • Issue utility NFT on DKEY NFT Marketplace

Q4 2023

DKEY Horizon Mobile App Launching
  • Launch MVP version DKEY Horizon mobile app
  • Develop Lending Vault and Mining Vault
  • Enable cross-chain crypto assets in both Swap Vault and Staking Vault
  • Integrate Wallet Direct function into DKEY Horizon mobile app
DKEY Credit Card
  • Provide crypto-to-fiat withdrawal services
  • Enable contactless payments
  • Offer cashback on spending
Loyalty Programme
  • Distribute rewards based on $DKEY token holdings

Q1 2024

Exchange Launchpad
  • Launch IEO on first-tier exchange launchpad

Q2 2024

SocialFi Metaverse
  • Launch SocialFi Metaverse with social ranking feature

Q3 2024

DKEY Merchant
  • Partner with merchants to expand B2C business solutions

Q4 2024

Asset Tokenization
  • Embrace asset valuation and tokenization into DKEY ecosystem
  • Initiate launchpad
  • Collaborate with more partners