⛓️Blockchain Leverage

DKEY Horizon applies a modular infrastructure and a hybrid approach that combines Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 to build a faster, cheaper and more secure interface for everyone.

Fiat On & Off-Ramps

The fiat on-ramp aggregator makes it easy for users to look for the best deals. We offer a variety of options to return to the fiat world, including credit cards and DKEY Pay.

Web 3.0 Social Login

By implementing Web 3.0 social login quickly into the app, we manage to lower the onboarding friction, thus providing an even better user experience.

Safe Wallet

Backed by the digital asset custody partner, we leverage its enterprise-grade secure storage, single-window access to digital assets, warm and HD/cold wallets securely configured by multisig as well as DKEY Business’s open finance services.

Internal Virtual Ledger

The ledger is supported by auto-balancing liquidity pools.

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