What Is DKEY Bank?

DKEY BANK is an AMM(Auto Market Maker) Protocol that provides various type of investment products that available in BSC (Binance Smart Chain). It helps the users/investors to achieve high return on the investment product from the STAKING VAULT with low transaction fee and time. With SWAP VAULT, integrate with BINANCE liquidity, it helps our users / investors to get the best exchange rate between the cryptocurrencies with lower fee and less slippage.

What are DKEY BANK Services?

DKEY Bank focuses on cross-chain STAKING VAULT provider services that includes various types of valuable and highly reliable crypto staking project from HECO,BSC,Polygon and ETH 2.0 . We help users / investors to eliminate the unnecessary work and processes to maximise their profit and minimising their cost on the participation of every staking project. To ensure its profitability , DKEY Banks are connected to some of the most reliable staking contracts in the DeFi Ecosystem. This makes DKEY Bank become strong backbone of all the reliable staking projects in different chain that creates an exquisite way to all the crypto users.

What do we solve?

DKEY Bank help all the crypto investors to filter the unnecessary procedures, works and fee requested in other staking projects on different chain ( ETH、HECO、BSC、Polygon) with just a matter of a click button. We make sure our users / investors will be able to participate on all the most reliable staking projects in the DeFi Ecosystem , in a simple way without missing any profit.

What is the mechanism of DKEY?

We have a limited supply of 100M unit of DKEY registered in BSC. By providing a user friendly method of investment , DKEY Bank encapsulates some of the valuable crypto assets that increase our TVL on the market. DKEY becomes a unit that represent the value of DKEY Bank and vault rewards from ecosystem. The TVL of DKEY will be increasing while the amount of staking projects are ongoing. To ensure its sustainability , the profit will be allocated for burning program that involves the “buyback” of DKEY from the market for demolishing purpose to reduce the total supply and increase the value of DKEY. This will ensure the profitability of our investors and keep our DKEY value in shape.

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