DKEY Business

Blockchain technology creates a huge disruption to traditional business processes. More and more companies are eager to enter the crypto world as the rise of digital finance has exposed the flaws of existing money and payment systems. Mass crypto adoption and blockchain leverage have become a global practice integrating with Web 3.0. And DKEY Business is here to help businesses by leveraging blockchain technology with their expertise.

Crypto Adoption + Blockchain Leverage = Web 3.0

Core Concept ✅

DKEY Business remains at the forefront of blockchain to lead traditional businesses through digital transformation. DKEY Business is a digital asset custody platform developed with the highest level of security to manage digital assets in an efficient and transparent way.


Ensure enterprise-grade secure storage of digital assets

Multisig Wallet

Requires two or more private keys to sign and send a transaction

Transparency, Auditability

Enable transparency and auditability of investments

Segregation, Independence

Guaranteed independence and neutrality for investors

Safekeeping of Digital Assets

Businesses can integrate digital assets into their finances flexibly, responsively, securely via DKEY Business powered by IBM FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certified Hardware Security Module. Moreover, it also delivers business operational excellence by achieving cybersecurity and financial crime compliance.

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