DKEY Project

DKEY is an ecosystem that harnesses the potential of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and blockchain technologies, empowering users to take their finances into control by creating crypto-based passive income. The ecosystem is developed to deliver user-friendly financial controls and asset management.
However, the majority of people are still not aware of the existence and the potential use of blockchain technology and crypto. Organisations are facing challenges and risks while trying to implement mass crypto adoption. Hence, understanding and overcoming these major obstacles is the first step on the road to success.

Key Challenges 🤷‍♂️

These are the major obstacles driving towards cryptoverse:
  • User Experience

    Unintuitive navigation design results in poor user experience. If users find the navigation too complicated, they will hit the ‘back’ button to look for something better.
  • Security Crypto scams, theft and fraud reduce user confidence. Such threats are making people think twice before entering into the entire blockchain system.
  • Value Proposition Most people see crypto as a speculative, long term investment. Its weak value proposition prevents people from making crypto a part of their daily life.
  • On & Off-Ramps Crypto is barely accepted in everyday life due to the lack of fiat-to-crypto exchange services. Moreover, the fees incurred for fiat on and off-ramps can be high.
  • Complexity It is difficult for newbies to understand and invest in crypto. The theories behind wallets, exchanges, and tokens make their heads spin!
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